Men of Reddit Tell Us Their Stories of Going Clubbing- *All Solo*

Men of Reddit Tell Us Their Stories of Going Clubbing- *All Solo*

When someone tells you about going to a club alone, how does it sound to you? Super boring, right? No one wants to go to a club alone -because-it’s not the “usual norm.”

What if we told you going to the club alone can be exactly the same fun as going to the club with your friends? You’re going to have the same amount of fun if you really decide to.

Going to a Club Alone- Redditors Tell The Stories We Wanna Know

For those of you who haven’t ever been to a club alone and need some inspiration, fret not! The men of Reddit are all happy to send across  the clubbing motivation you need.

Here are a few stories that the men of Reddit have for you:

PS- We compiled them all for you, thank us later!

1) Letting Your Friends f**k Off

“I haven’t gone to a club alone but I’ve stayed at a club alone after my friends decided to go to some other lame bar and I didn’t want to leave. I was already in my flow so I just kept it going. Joined people’s dance circles, etc.

If you’re gonna go to a club alone, you better be really outgoing or really drunk, otherwise you’re gonna have a hard time.”

Reddit userStevenson123

In case your friends plan to leave and you don’t feel like leaving yet, just do it! You’re drunk, SO you are going to have fun anyway.

going to a club alone, fuck you, ross says screw you

2) He Is There Just for the Music

“I go alone sometimes because a DJ I really want to see is playing, but I go to clubs that cater to people who are there for the music first and foremost (no dress codes, no VIP, and certainly none of this “wait in line and MAYBE you’ll get in” nonsense), so chatting with people is much easier.”

Reddit UserBreakBeats

Basically, this man over here went all alone to the club because he wanted to enjoy some really good music. Judging him, are we? Of course, not!

Technically, he’s totally right, chatting with people is so much easier this way.

Image result for here for the music gif, going to a club alone

3) We Love This Man

“The very few times I’ve done it, people looked at me strangely and avoided me. But that’s pretty much how they react to me anyway, so IDK.”

Reddit Usercoinneachf

When you know you’d not get attention anyway, this is what you tend to become. Also, we totally love this man! I mean who is so truthful about themselves? This man out here is and he isn’t scared to let the world know.

going to a club alone, shocked man

4) Clubbing Alone Gone Wrong

“The closest I got to clubbing alone was meeting my Tinder date at a gay club and having to wait for her for some ten minutes before I found her. I literally had my man-breasts groped from behind (one hand cupping each one) as a dude pressed himself to me and called me handsome. I had so much more respect for women and the shit they go through RE: unwanted advances after that.

So yeah, I don’t club alone.”

Reddit Userpesaru

You sure as hell have a bad experience sometimes and this man seems to have had a really bad one. Well, we are sorry for you man! But, nothing that we can do here.

Image result for man making weird face gif, going to a club alone, mr. bean

5) Mr. Popular- Mr. Electric

“My friends got tired of going out after college, I didn’t. As a result, I’ve gone out alone very frequently.

Honestly, I love it. I dance up a storm and meet tons of strangers. I’ve made a bit of a name for myself.

Last Friday I got recognized by a stranger calling me Mr. Electric. Saturday I got a drink from someone who recognized me at another place.

Recently when out with friends it sorta feels like I have to split my attention between dancing solo and hanging out.”

Reddit User_hephaestus

We bet all the people who go out clubbing with their friends are not half as popular as this guy out here. He’s got the popularity of the coolest guy ever!

hot guy, going to a club alone

6) Mr. Doesn’t Know What to Do

“Went once I had to be super extraverted and just started talking with everyone it was draining and I felt like a phoney.”

Reddit Userreaper555

Nope, you don’t need to go up to everyone to have a casual chat. You just DO NOT need to.

PS- Seems like extraverted is a typo, it means extroverted.

Image result for mr popular gif, going to a club alone, mr popular

In case you plan to read the entire thread, go here.

Motivated to go solo clubbing this weekend? I am too! I’m gonna ditch my friends this one time and go all alone this Friday night. I’m sure it would be super fun! Buzz the comment section below about your solo clubbing plans.

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