Common Nightout Stereotypes We All Hate but…Society

Common Nightout Stereotypes We All Hate but…Society

9ightouts are the best thing about nightlife. That thrill, that awesomeness, that power of freedom is something you cannot get everywhere. That’s the good part but hold on, we have news. Besides the good things, there also exist some common nightout stereotypes that are of course, the basd part.

If you ask me, I’d like to believe that there is something about the night that the day can never offer. The night is snazzy, has a romantic feel and most importantly, gives us a sense of being away from everything.

You cannot expect the same in the light of the day, can you? However, the night as free as it is; has a few stereotypes attached to it as well.

Common Nightout Cliches #SorryNotSorry

People try to tell you that if you’ll go out on a night out, you would have to face a few things. But, what? Read on to find out.


Nope! You need to get your facts straight peeps! Going to a night out does not necessarily mean we are going to booze. In case you think so, just get your fucking facts straight. We could be on a movie night out too.

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Okay, are you even serious? Some society jobless peeps think that if girls go on a night out, they have sex. Well, oh, well, here is to clear your doubt- sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t and it is our wish completely.

Why you getting your horns high?

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Girl-Boy Thing

A lot of people believe that if a girl and a guy are alone on a night out, they have to be committed. It could be true most of the times but girls and guys have friends too who they like to hang out with- JUST know.

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Girls take all the time

It is believed that girls take all the time to get ready and which is why, the guys get late. You need to get this straight – Girls can get ready in a jiffy and there are many situations where guys just keep lazying around!

You know it, I know it. Everyone knows it. Then why the hue & cry + constant mocking?

*eye roll*

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Girls can’t handle too much alcohol

Well, just for the record, girls can handle so much alcohol that guys would have never even imagined the sheer quantity. It is stupid to stereotype girls and alcohol- Just SHUT UP!

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Single Guys are at the club for umm..hooking up

Well, single guys have much better things to do than just being at the club for hooking up.

Of course, him being hand in hand with a girl isn’t bad, BUT that is NOT the only reason they are there for. There is so much more.

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Good girls don’t go out at night

For this one, you can thank the *Gossip Federation of India*.

What are you saying, aunty? Why d’you stay at home during the night? Not good for the other family members, y’know?

Didn’t you know you’re toxic?

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We have all been there, experienced people judging other people and sometimes, done it ourselves too. It’s completely okay but let us tell you, common night out stereotypes don’t matter when you’re a partying panda.

Partying is our first love and people can keep on stereotyping us- WE DON’T CARE!

What are some of the common night out stereotypes that you notice? Let us know in the comment section below.

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