Hushh! Here Are the 8 Things We All Do Silently in the Club! #ThingsWeLoveToDeny

Hushh! Here Are the 8 Things We All Do Silently in the Club! #ThingsWeLoveToDeny

Shh! People will hear! You might get yourself into a big embarrassing situation if you didn’t hush! Don’t worry, I am not talking about the crime scenes you got stuck at lately. I am talking about all the lil’ ‘secrets’ that we happily keep to ourselves in the clubs. Yes! All the funny things everyone does in the club but never admits.

Unleashing Our Secret Affairs: Funny Things Everyone Does In the Club

1) Calculating the Bill Split

Who drank what? How much did I think of spending before entering the club? What is the bill amount? What about the additional tax they have added, is it even mandatory? How many do I need to split it in?

We know! All these calculations keep happening in the back of your mind when clubbing with friends.

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2) Farting in Loud Music

You wanna fart out loud, but there are people around and the only song you can hear the DJ play is a love song. So you simply wait for the DJ to play a loud song on the highest volume possible so that you can fart easily.

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3) Seeing Who Is Eating the Most

“He just had 3 slices and now he is picking up the 4th one too. Nice! How can he eat that much? I should definitely pick the last one.”

Ahem, we can hear you.

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4) Clicking Pictures of the Crush

Admit it! We all have done it sometime. Everyone likes to click good pictures including those of our ‘crush’. We know that you too secretly click and broadcast those pictures to your BFFs.

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5) Drinking & Mixing Friends’ Drinks

You wanna drink more and your friend is in the washroom, so just pick up that damn glass and sip it in. The friend is drunk anyway and won’t remember.

Another scenario, when you do not want to drink more, simply fill your friend’s glass and ask him/her to finish that off.

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6) Sexy Dancing Near the Crush

You may admit or not, but we know this happens! You spot your crush. He is far away. Now, how to lure him with your sexy moves?

Smoothly and steadily, you simply move closer to him on the dance floor and show those moves to the man. Right…   right?

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7) Judging Other People’s Clothes

You do that and that too always, without skipping anyone in the party. Admit it, you ask yourself many times – “Who wears that?” Or “Whats’up with those shoes, eh?”. This is one of those things that we all love to do in the club.

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8) Finding a Hookup

Sneaking out with an online date?.. we’ve caught you. 😉 

We know, many a time when you mention about that call from your home, it’s actually a booty call.

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These were the 8 secretive yet funny things everyone does in the club and no matter how hard you deny, deep down we know you do them all.  Let us know about your lil’ party secrets by writing in the comment section below.

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