We Asked REDDITors About their Wackiest Party Scenes and the Answers Are Hilarious

We Asked REDDITors About their Wackiest Party Scenes and the Answers Are Hilarious

The peeps at Reddit are literally SAVAGE. They say it all and don’t give a damn about anything. Pretty cool, eh? They share the weirdest of things and none of them is afraid of doing so! From crazy party scenes to nerve-racking scientific discussions, you name it and it is there on Reddit.

Crazy Party Scenes Recalled by the Peeps at Reddit

We asked the people of Reddit about some insane party scenes they could recall and Redditors just came out exploding. The peeps had so much to give out that we still can’t stop laughing.

Here are some wacky, most interesting and crazy party scenes that would leave you in splits.

Doesn’t Like Mess!

I saw a 140 lb French-Canadian tear a sink out of a wall, run outside, and smash it into pieces against a tree.

By the time we’d woken up the next morning, he’d already gone to Home Depot, bought a new sink, and installed it in the bathroom.

Reddit user FilliusTExplodio tells us about his experience and the public wants to know- why did he break it in the first place if he had to fix it so soon.

Also, did he have a sink in his house already Or did he really buy it?

The one who could have a job

I got piss drunk and wandered off to mcdonalds which was like a mile off campus. I don’t remember even leaving but I got a call a week later from the McDonald’s saying I didn’t get the job because I didn’t go to the interview. Guess in my drunken state I got there and realized I had no money so I must have sat there and applied for a job. Didn’t remember a thing

Edit: they called to ask if I wanted to reschedule but my reaction was ” what the fuck are you talking about” so they kindly informed me that they didn’t need my assistance. The dude must have thought I was retarded. I should have explained that better.

Maybe, that is how most people land up a job in Mc Donalds. Or maybe this guy jnosp1219 in question missed a really great job opportunity.

JK – That is all I can think of right now.


Got busted by a police helicopter while drinking at the lake. Spotlighted us & and yelled at us over a bullhorn to stay still while 6 officers complete with 2 k9 units came down to where we were.

Gathered everybody up, walked us to where we parked our cars, searched us, cited one kid for having weed & then let us all go. It was pretty surreal.

So I had rode to the party with 4 of my good friends. All of us were 17 except one who was 18 but being dumbass teenagers we all smoked cigarettes. They pretty much caught us by surprise with the spotlight (I mean seriously who the fuck expects a police helicopter) so we didn’t have time to ditch anything. There were about 20 of us there altogether so when we were all being escorted back to our cars in a big group us 4 managed to pass our smokes off to the one guy old enough to have them.

When the cops searched us my friend ends up pulling 5 packs of cigarettes and 2 or 3 cans of chewing tobacco out of his cargo shorts & sets em on the hood of his car. The cop is not impressed and is like “Son you wanna tell me why you have so much tobacco?” and I shit you not with a straight face my friend just replies “Because I like a variety.”

Reddit user schwat tells us about how he and his gang of friends were busted. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Plus, what was that thing about variety? I mean, seriously WHATTTTT!?

This One is Disgusting

Last year a few of my friends hosted a party at their house. The toilet got clogged and everyone just kept using it and layering toilet paper up eventually rendering the toilet useless. So now everyone who had to piss did so in the bathtub. Same thing happened and now the bathtub is clogged. By the time any of the guys who lived there heard about it and walked towards the bathroom to investigate (you have to walk past the laundry room to get there) they see a girl sitting on the dryer taking a piss in it. She claimed multiple girls did it right before her, so she thought it was okay.

TL;DR girls are more disgusting than boys.

This guy bro_mo_sapien on Reddit told us all about how people in a house party got disgusting and shiz and we coudn’t stop imaging the scene. Who does that now?

The Retarded One

The host of the party decided to get into his unregistered car, without license plates, without insurance, and without a license and as drunk as the day is long. He drove the wrong way through a traffic circle (roundabout?) and ran into a road sign. His best friend then screamed his name across the road, a neighbor called the cops, told them his name, etc. He was taken in and blood tested with 2.2/mill. He was.let go but he can’t apply for a license until 2018.

Well, this one just had to get into trouble. I mean, the cops couldn’t save him even if they wanted, right? Who does a thing like that? Thankfully for him, he hasn’t been barred for life.

Is The Doomsday Approaching?

Two girls screwed each other simultaneously with a banana (one on each end) at a party while a bunch of guys stood around and cheered. The next morning, some hungover guy actually ate that brown, bruised, sticky banana.

I wasn’t even sure if such things still happen but now that I know, I am mind blown! Thanks to SpinsterTerritory, I believe doomsday isn’t that far. Also, feel sorry for that guy!

We love the peeps on Reddit

Don’t you? I mean they are so cool they let us know all the interesting party scoop.

See, we told you right- Whatever the experience, good or bad, Redditors never think twice before sharing stuff.

Ever had an encounter that you are really embarrassed about? Well, let us know in the comment section below so that we can laugh it off too.

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