Things All My Third Wheels Go Through When Stuck With a Couple!

Things All My Third Wheels Go Through When Stuck With a Couple!

Some of the best things happen when you are surrounded by your best friends. But, if you are feeling that your single friends’ club is slowly fading away and all are showing up as a packaged deal, then be prepared for being the third wheel soon. No one wants to watch those re-runs of old good shows alone. FRIENDS is supposed to be seen with some friends after all. There are many other things which you simply can’t do without friends, like, clubbing and dancing the night away. But, if you have been feeling alone, when still around your BFF and their better half, you, my friend, have just been diagnosed with a very critical affair of being the third wheel.

The Lone Person Among Three: 11 Signs You’re the Third Wheel

Thinking about how to avoid being the third wheel with friends? Well, we understand what are you going through. However, many are still living in the blur. So, let’s enlighten them, by telling how does it feel like being the third weel with the friends.

1) Dealing With The Both Sides

If you are friends with both of them and planning to go for clubbing, you might get stuck.  It’ll all feel mushy as they’ll hold hands and will give you major couple goals. However, sometimes, things take a turn. And, things get heated up. That is the time when you’ll have to deal with both sides of the arguments. Also, agreeing to one is not the option, if you want your friendship to work fine with both. So, just keep listening.

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2) They’ll Tag You Along Anyway

How many times have you said,”I feel like the third wheel with my two best friends”?  Did telling it to your friends work? No, right?  ‘Cause for them it doesn’t work like this. For them, you are a close friend and they do not want to leave you on your own with your petty single lone life.

However, that will remain the same if you’ll keep hanging with them.

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3) You’re The Awkward Lone Dancer

Your friends are busy making out somewhere or they are planning to get each other a drink or go to washroom together. But you are simply on the floor, doing awkward lone dance, desperately tryna’ look for people who can ask you to join them.

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4) A Lot of Relationship Advice

They’ll keep giving you pieces of advice. They’ll tell you how it is so good being single as there are no responsibilities and single people can live freely. However, there will be days, when they will tell you how being in a relationship is the best thing happened to them till date. *double standards*.

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5) Splitting Bills/Checks is Messy

This is the trickiest one! Okay! You are out and it is the bill/check time. However, should you consider them as one or two different individuals? They’re so obsessed with calling themselves together-together, that for one second, you’ll simply forget that the bill should be split into 3 and not 2.

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6) Witnessing PDA

This happens the most in the life of a third wheel. You’ll witness a lot of PDA and still you’ll be silent and just feel miserable about your life. I know you feel like punching them in face when they start touching, holding hands and kissing each other in front of you.

*get a room for TWO*

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7) You Follow Them Alone

You won’t find them ever walking along with you. They’ll either stop by a pop-up shop seeing stuff and totally abandon you or they’ll keep walking ahead without noticing that you are walking behind.

True – Love is blind.

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8) You’re the Sole Helper

They know you are the one who can help them. So, be it you buying gifts or taking one friend on shopping as per the command of another friend. Also, you are the one who decides gifts for both of your friends.  Pheww!

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9) You Feel Petty About Your Life

Yes! You do. Deep down, you know that you wanna be there with someone, doing all the mushy things that your friends have been doing. And..merely thinking about it makes you sad! 🙁

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10) You End Up Drinking Alone

You go to the bar with them and after some time, you are the only one drinking. Either they are high and wanna dance together, or they are out talking about their life plans. So basically, you just sit there and keep sippin’ on that martini that you ordered.

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11) Their Personal Paparazzi

You’ll acquire a new skill of photography. Trust me! You’ll become such a pro at clicking pictures that you can start giving freelance services. They’ll keep asking you to capture their love scenes. They’ll pose and you’ll click.

Also, for your own pictures, there is an option named “Selfie”.

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