First Casual Date? Sneak Peek to These 10 Must-consider First Date Ideas!

First Casual Date? Sneak Peek to These 10 Must-consider First Date Ideas!

First dates are already nerve wrecking that deciding the venue comes out as a tossed topping on that stumbling cake! No one wants it to be the first and the last date, so, we try our best to put forth the best plans. Dinner dates are so cliché and you must try something new! If you are still feeling dubious about your first date plans, then it is okay! Let us help you with all the best casual first date ideas that you can choose from to make it the best first date.

Casual First Date Ideas: ‘Cause We Care For Your Love Life!

Thinking of where to go on a first date? Look at these 10 ideas and be ready to fall in love!

Book-cum-Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are good for dates, but not anything special. If you love to read, you know you want a good book anywhere you go. Take her/him out to a place, where you can sip on the coffee and read a book together (choose a romantic one)!

Walking like The Notebook

No one forgets that The Notebook scene where they walk and dance. So, why don’t we go for a romantic walk for the first date? However, do not even dare to think of going when it is damn hot! See a good time and weather and be ready to fall in love.

Amusement Park

Amusement parks are a part of all old romantic classics! And, many of us still obsess with the scene and the love ambiance the happy rides bring along.

Movie Time (Not Action! Duh!)

Movie dates are common, but not at all bad or out-of-date first date! You can enjoy watching your fav movie (in common) and go in the zone together. Watch a good romantic or a light-on-brain movie and keep it all sweet and cute! You can try another genre if you both can decide a common one.

Mini Golf Fun

Mini golf is fun and it is so much better than going to some restaurant for dinner. Teach each other, or else, a little competition can turn into some subtly hot fun.

Art Gallery Date

Dating someone artistic and creative? Take her/him to an art gallery and have a shot at discussing the same. You never know what love paint you get colored in!

Wine Tasting

This one is a real classy! You do not know what to taste next and giving reactions on the same thing can help you gauge compatibility.

Indoor Sports Zone

If you are still not sure about the date venue, here’s one that might fit your casual first date ideas list. You can choose interesting games like snookers or even nostalgic charades to keep it light and pleasant.

Ice Skating

Fall and pick and fall again (I hope you do not get a pro partner though!) Ice skating can be one of the best creative first date ideas. Learn it and enjoy together holding hands.

Comedy Shows

It’s all about the right timings and good humor! If you can laugh on the same things, you can live together for long. And, what could be better than making her laugh on the first date!



First Date is always special for everyone. Everyone has something in their imaginations for their first date. So would you all be having, right?

So, just pick your first idea and make it a special say in your way!

Don’t forget to tell us about your favorite idea in the comment section below.

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