Cafe Mambo – Where the Nightlife of Goa Comes Alive.

Cafe Mambo – Where the Nightlife of Goa Comes Alive.

The Spectacular Night Club – Cafe Mambo, Goa

Tap your feet with each mix coz the DJ here in Cafe Mambo will not let you stand still.  Very less to be said about the clubs in Baga Beach as this venue remains packed with clubs that make you go “jing-a-ling – jing-a-ling”. Cafe Mambo is one of the most famous and elegant clubs in the vicinity. The organisation is providing that nightlife to the crowd which they come searching for in Goa. The food and drinks out here are reasonable and are orgasmically delicious. Also, a meal for two with alcohol will cost you around Rs. 1500.


Cafe Mambo, Nightlife


Talking about the venue Baga; it is a small town located under the jurisdiction of Calungate. The Baga Beach is a happening place and is popularly known for its water sports and the beautiful view from the shore. Near to the beach is Tito’s lane, the lane where Cafe Mambo locates itself. The DJ here in this club is a specialist in playing the music which the crowds demand. The irony is that; you don’t have to request your song, the DJ know your application before you even speak it out.National and International Dj’s play a wide variety of music in this joint.


“Trust Me, You Can Dance”- Vodka


Cafe Mambo has the open air lounge encircling an enclosed dance area, which will tickle the adrenaline in you to jump and groove. The dance floor is magnanimous in size, and you can loosen yourself up with the fresh banger beats played there.

Cafe Mambo, Nightlife


Talking about service, the staff are courteous and remain there at your service, every time you need them. The bartender being the most prevalent knows the cocktails and your taste. Partying in Cafe Mambo will energize your mood with an appealing interior and spacious well-designed furniture. Try the wide range of great cocktails available in the menu.

The cocktails will make you go crazy, and want for more. Or, go for the wide range of alcoholic drinks from beer to the premium scotch. But, if you are hungry and want to chomp, then, you are at the right place of the Finger Food, Mediterranean and Seafood in Goa. The food is smothering good! With such great presentation of their food and the preparation by the chefs in Cafe Mambo, the food adds a smiley curve to your appetite. Cafe Mambo has a strong security which makes it safe from any obscene happenings in the club. It is safe for both women or couples. If want to experience jubilance. Visit Here!!!


Let the beatdrops guide your feet tonight!!

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